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Are You A Goal Oriented Leader or Future Business Leader Who Is Eager to Achieve Greater Business Success, Increased Opportunities For Personal Advancement AND Achieve A Higher Quality of Life In Today’s Highly Demanding Business Climate?

Then you’re in the right place. Welcome to REISSIGER Coaching. I am glad you are here!

Given the current economic news companies are downsizing, cutting back on their investments in people and experiencing:

New technology
Systems and products
Private labeling
Changes in the competitive landscape,
And more …

All stretching the capabilities of leaders and others like never before. Additionally, more recently, we have experienced a number of business failures, government takeovers and other governmental interventions world-wide.

The landscape is indeed challenging these days.

Certainly scrutiny in all expense areas is called for during difficult times and some cuts may be necessary. You would agree though that now more than ever, in today’s economy, a critical strategy for long term business success is …

An ongoing investment in people.

GOOD NEWS! I help goal oriented business leaders and aspiring leaders like you develop personally and professionally. As a result of our time together, you will be empowered to achieve greater business success, increase your opportunities for personal advancement and be empowered to achieve a higher quality of life. All this will have you increasing productivity while feeling a sense of gratifying achievement and well-being! Even during challenging times!

Imagine in today’s demanding business climate being empowered to:

Conquer business challenges successfully.

Mobilize and inspire your people to achieve high performance in all business areas and projects.

Achieve a sense of order, structure, process, control and proper business measurements.

Manage change in an organized and structured way.

Implement strong business and management processes.

Experience personal growth and help your team members grow.

Develop teams that work well as a team and collaboratively with all internal and external constituencies.

Advance personally and have a positive impact on people, clients and the organization.

Achieve a higher quality of life.

You CAN have all this.

REISSIGER Coaching’s specialty is coaching you if you:

Are a current business owner or leader and you want to increase your personal leadership effectiveness.

Are a current senior business owner or senior leader seeking independent confidential input to help you lead from your well developed strengths with confidence.

Are a high potential associate or you have a high potential associate in your team that you want to develop and challenge.

Are a leader in a new leadership role because of an internal transfer or promotion seeking accelerated role change effectiveness.

Are a new external hire to your organization seeking quick integration and effectiveness.

Are a leader wanting to create a high performing team.

Are a business owner or leader seeking improved change leadership in today’s challenging times.

Have a highly valued and experienced leader needing coaching for personal change due to a drop in effectiveness and business results.

Your pathway or your associate’s pathway to higher business results, more opportunities for personal advancement and a higher quality of life in today’s demanding business climate are possible through executive coaching. You and they can achieve all this! I know it to be true because it has been my personal experience during 31 years in Corporate America, and because of the experience of the leaders REISSIGER Coaching has served:

Bob has a “... tremendous amount to offer ... strong performance development, ability to operate in ambiguous situations under aggressive and demanding time lines, ability to translate strategies/situations into tactical & achievable plans, ability to react swiftly to consistent change & again a significant achievement and the ability to motivate others…” Sandy

“I have gained tremendous clarity and patience for accomplishing my goals. Bob has provided guidance and enthusiasm in a caring way that has really helped me to remain calm and focused on what is truly important in my personal and career pursuits!" Kim

“Bob’s insight comes from a unique blend of mental awareness, heartfelt concern and a wide range of life experiences giving him a sense of “been there” resolve for every situation. That combined with being able to see beyond the facade make him a natural at what he does.” David


Business coaching is an investment that produces results. According to the American Management Association Global Study of Successful Practices, 79% of survey respondents use internal coaching to improve individual performance and productivity. Someone once said that time on talent beats talent all the time. Another said that education without coaching is pure entertainment.

Business coaching is a proven way to invest time on talent and have new learning stick.

It works because according to author Alan Deutchman “it inspires hope… it creates learning, practice and mastery through repetition” and the individual “begins to think in an entirely new way, revisiting biases and beliefs, reframing his or her conceptual framework.”

Ready to produce gratifying achievements including improved financial performance, associate advancement, and a sense of satisfaction and well-being for all involved?

Then click here to schedule a free Executive Management Assessment with Bob and we’ll get clear about best immediate next steps for the success of you and your team.

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